Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Whazzup?

I see that Nevada sent a bunch of mental patients to California by the simple expedient of giving them a one-way bus ticket.

The city of San Francisco is considering a lawsuit against Nevada for allegedly releasing and providing hundreds of psychiatric patients one-way bus tickets
Well, that's one way to get them out of your jurisdiction.  Not perhaps the most ethical way, but hey!  They were all eligible for furlough, right?  I can hear the conversation now; "Would you like to go to California?"  "Take the ticket and get on the bus."

In other news, a goblin breaks out of an Iowa prison, led deputies on a chase, then got into a house with a 71 year-old retired prison guard and his wife.  Bad choice of houses to break into.  The elderly couple was going to lie low and let the goblin leave on his own, but he overstayed his welcome and the husband decided to retrieve the shotgun.
The Mauderlys had a shotgun in the house and eventually decided to retrieve it, Mortvedt said. Jerome Mauderly, 71, shot and killed Long in the couple's kitchen. Carolyn Mauderly, 66, called 911 at about 2:10 a.m. Tuesday.
Officers who responded found Long lying face down with one wound. The Mauderlys were uninjured.
That's the way that home invasions should end.  One goblin face down in the kitchen.  Hopefully, the sheriff will send a detail of inmates over to help them clean the blood off the cabinets and floor.

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