Thursday, August 01, 2013

More Errands

I started mowing grass this morning, and one of my spindles broke.  The little star that keeps the blade aligned turned loose and the blade would freewheel on the shaft.  That's no good.  I took the shaft off and headed to town to see my parts guy.

On the way to town, I remembered a camping store that's been in business for years.  They were in business in the late '60s and still bravely hang on.  I thought they might have a Convert-a-ball in 1 7/8th so I pulled the truck into their lot.

The Convert-A-Ball is a hitch system that uses a shaft with a hole.  The ball fits over the shaft and a pin secures the ball to the shaft.  You can get balls in all the popular sizes, and they all fit the shaft.  Reese has a similar system that is found in most box stores.  It's not the same, and Reese sells Convert-A-Ball hitches as well.  Online the best price I could find was $9.75 and shipping would drive that to over $20.00.

So, I swung the truck into the camping store and went inside with my 2" ball in my hand.  The lady said that they quit carrying the Convert-A-Ball system ten years ago, then she stopped herself.  "Hang on, let me look in the back."  She came back in a few minutes with a 1 7/8 inch ball for my system.  She charged me $6.95 and I whistled myself out of the store.

Stopped by the lawn mower parts store and let him abuse me for $50.00 for a new spindle.

Then I stopped by the pharmacy to fill a prescription.  I need something called Golytely, which I understand is a misnomer.  I'm turning 60 in December, and Milady has decided that I'm overdue for a colonoscopy.  I'm scheduled for the procedure on Monday, so I do the prep on Sunday.  The less said about  that whole process, the better.


Anonymous said...

Best advice is to find a couple of good books.


Old NFO said...

And if you don't have a padded seat on the toilet, get one... You're gonna be there a couple of hours...

Gerry Nygaard said...

If you've never done the Golytley Waltz, you're in for a real treat.


mostly cajun said...

While you're picking up 'Golytely', be sure to get some 'Tucks' pads because your butt is going to be wind-burnt.