Thursday, August 15, 2013

Smartphone Case

Cell phones are an indispensable part of police work these days.  Rather than clog up the radio net with traffic, we're likely to use the cell phone more often than the police radio.  Yeah, cell phones are susceptible to the radio-frequency scanners, but they're less likely to be monitored than the police radio frequencies, and we're not broadcasting over the open net.  It might be your buddy, or it might be the boss, but with cell phones have changed the way that we do business.

But, you've got to carry the damned thing, and there seems to be a dearth of smartphone cases that will fit on a standard duty belt.  Before now, I've carried my cell phone in the same pocket as my little spiral ring notebook (which no self-respecting cop is ever without). But, when we bought new phones last week, and put the Otterbox cases on them, I'm having a hell of a time fitting it into that shirt pocket.  Oh, I like the new phone well enough, but it's big, especially when it's in that case.

So, I 've been surfing around looking for a case that will fit on my duty belt, and they're scarce as hen's teeth.  I finally found one at Gall's, a case made by Boston Leather, which the review tells me will fit my Samsung Galaxy with the protective case.  I ordered it, and it should be in the mailbox in a week or so.

Hey, Safariland.  Y'all need to make a series of smartphone cases for commonly used phones.  I bet you'd sell thousands of them.

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Peripatetic Engineer said...

Otterbox makes a coule of kinds of cases. The Defender series is full enclosure and it's made to fit into a holster. They make another that is smaller and willl fit in a pocket. I found their customer service to be excellent. Give them a call and I bet they fix your problem for free.