Friday, August 16, 2013


I'm off for the weekend, and getting ready for a shoot.  My boys and I are going to shoot with the Cenla Sports Shooters tomorrow.  I'm puttering around, making sure that I have ammo, guns, magazines, hearing protection, all the thing we need to go to a range.

Because today I carried my pistol on duty, I had to take the duty ammo out and put it back in the box.  The Sheriff gives us one box of duty ammo per qualification, and we're supposed to shoot it at the next qual.  That way, we keep fresh ammo in the pistol.  I definitely don't want to shoot that duty ammo this weekend, so I had to unload it and segregate it.  It'll get loaded back in the magazines tomorrow afternoon, late. Here's a picture of one of the stages.

That's going to be an interesting stage for sure.

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