Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Night

School's back in session, and even though I'm no longer in a high school, I worked a football scrimmage tonite for a buddy who is still in the Guard.  He had to leave this afternoon to go to Polk to be the NCOIC of a crew-served range.  I told him I'd cover his scrimmage while he goes and shoots belt-fed machine guns.

Normally, a high school scrimmage on the last Friday of August has about 20 people show up.  As it was at the high school where I worked for ten years, I know the principal and the coaching staff, we work well together.  As the crowd started trickling in, I was simply amazed to have over 250 fans in the stadium, not counting the band, the cheerleaders, and the dance line.  Even the principal was wide-eyed.  Fortunately, I had off-duty police officer parents on both sides of the stadium, and the crowd was very calm, enjoying a warm Friday evening under the stadium lights.  There were no problems, but I thought it was amazing that so many folks showed up for a football scrimmage.

I am reminded why I left the high school to take a more sedate job.  I don't like working football games.  I'm happy enough when I get to enjoy a football game, but working one isn't enjoying it.  I hope to take in a couple of Friday night games this year, and not be the fellow working the game.  And of course, come deer season I should be off every weekend, beginning at 4:00 Friday afternoon.

Still, it was amazing to see the crowd at the stadium tonight.  I guess that everyone is ready for some football.


Old NFO said...

Yep, I think everybody is...

Gerry N. said...

I'm not. As far as I'm concerned all intramural sports are about as much fun as pulling splinters out from under my fingernails. I went to one HS football game and got beat up on the way home. Years later I went to a Seahawk's game and got a nice cold beer dumped down the back of my neck.

Then there was the Mariner's baseball game where one of their amateur rent-a-cops tried to confiscate my leatherman tool becasue he decided it was a weapon. I gave my ticket to a transient who reeked of wine and vomit and my wife and I went home. I called the Mariner's customer serice line and got a refund for that game and the rest on our ten game package. We'e never been to another Mariner's game either.

OldLurker said...

I can sure understand your reasons, and working a football game vs watching one is a good one. Just know that kids at your old school kinda miss you. First day comment from my boy - "Dad, I don't think Officer PawPaw is here this year". Your replacement will do just fine tho, and we all value y'alls service to our kids.