Friday, January 18, 2013

Scott Knight

Who the hell is Scott Knight, anyway?  Evidently, he's the Chief of Police of a little town, Chaska, MN, and he got trotted out for the Congressional Hearings.

Over the years I've worked small towns and I've gotten a lot of good information from small town cops.  However, listening to Chief Knight last night on CSpan, I've never heard worst testimony from a sitting police chief.  A little Googling shows me that Chief Knight is the firearms chairman of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and they've issued a press release supporting President Obama's over-reach.

He's wrong on almost ever level, and he's evidently a trained supporter that can be trotted out for supporting administration proposals.  I'd love to sit down for an hour with him and talk to him about his proposals.

Oh, and while I'm at it, Chief Knight, I really loved your uniform. Evidently, the Chief of a small town needs four stars on his shoulder.  That's the first indication that you have an ego problem.  You've promoted yourself to Frigadier Greneral and you're trying to impose your short-sighted vision on the rest of the world, hoping that the stars on your jacket lend you credence.  They don't.  They only make you look pathetic.


Rob said...

He's recently promoted himself too. When I lived in Chaska, he only had 3 stars.

BobF said...

Give him another year and more Obama exposure and hs uniform will look like a Kadafi hand-me-down.

Rivrdog said...

Mexican Vice Admiral. The uni was on sale cheap.

mostlycajun said...

I've always marvelled at how a police chief who 'commands' fewer people than a good rifle company can justify "general" stars.

Especially when many of them act like butter-bar lieutenants


Anonymous said...

I worked for Scott Knight for too long. In his testimony he said he worked as a school resource officer. He never did. He said he was a detective and that is a half truth. One summer he filled in for two weeks as a fill in detective while our detective was on vacation. We on the department were embarrassed by his Mexican general costome.

Anonymous said...

"Knight doesn't agree with us, so he MUST be a BAD guy!"

You all sound like a bunch of bitter, whiney jerks. While you may disagree with his stars or support of Obama's anti-gun regulations, you've made no statement that would be reason for pause regarding *how good he is at his job*.

Do I agree with his politics? Not particularly. Does that change the FACT that he is one of the FEW cops out there who ACTUALLY care about the communities they police and back that up with action? Absolutely not.

Stop whining like 2 year olds and do something to better your community.