Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Red Beans

As long as I'm home during the day, the least I can do is cook for Milady.  Today, she requested Red Beans and Rice.  So, I went to Guillory's and got some of their jalapeno sausage.  It's good stuff, and a proper country sausage is always preferred over factory-made sausage.

The recipe is here.  If you go to the recipe, and notice that the picture looks the same, it's the same pot, the same stove, the same recipe.  They're going to look remarkably similar.

When Milady texts me, I'll put on a pot of rice.  Red Beans and rice.  It's what's for supper.


Old NFO said...

Love good red beans and rice, and I had to make do with Andouille... sigh

Pawpaw said...

There isn't anything wrong with Andouille. I like a good andouille. The best, though, is a good, country-made andouille.