Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guns and Docs

According to Fox News, my doctor can now ask about guns in my house.


I wonder if he'll want to know about the gun in my pocket?

Which reminds me.  I have another doctor's appointment in another hour.  I best start hobbling in that direction.


Old NFO said...

Be interesting to find out if he does...

BobF said...

Can't picture my doc asking, but doc probably knows already because I bring gun mags with me to read while waiting, so they are sitting on the counter when doc enters the exam room.

I'm willing to bet that docs in general are pissed off enough over what they are getting reimbursed by uncle sugar that they tend to have a negative reaction to just about anything coming out of the Beltway area these days.

Good luck with it -- hope that foot is healing well and you can get back to normal soon.

Rivrdog said...

Your doctor may ask if it is NOT government-paid healthcare, if it is, they may NOT ask. An Executive Action/Order may NOT change existing law.

In any case, the answer is MYOB. If the doc's receptionist were to ask anyway, you need to convince the person in charge that a HIPAA violation will be forthcoming, because the current law, as interpreted ONLY by Obama, is NOT trumped by the Obama order, so HIPAA still rules. You then drive your point home by informing that person that their malpractice insurance will NOT cover lawsuits over HIPAA. That should end the discussion.

Gerry N. said...

Had a doctor ask my kid that question once whenr he was about 11. ONCE! We never went to him again and told him why. As I remember I told him it was none of his fargin' business.

Gerry N.