Sunday, January 06, 2013


After our problems today with the waste-water treatment, Milady and I decided that we'd cocktail during the Happy Hour.  The question became which drink is appropriate for the types of challenges we've had today? Milady decided that the Mudslide was most appropriate.  I heartily seconded her motion, and opened the bar.

The Mudslide.

In a tall glass, filled with ice, combine
1 oz vodka
1 oz Irish Creme
1 oz Coffee liqueur
Fill glass with milk.  Shake, do not stir.

Aaah, yes.  The Mudslide is most appropriate to this day.


Old NFO said...

As long as you don't get 'caught up' in the mudslide(s) you'll be okay... :-D

El Capitan said...

I used to date a gal that loved a drink called a 'Colorado Bulldog', basically your Mudslide with 1/2 the milk swapped for some Coca-Cola.

Tastes like a mocha ice cream soda, I'm told.