Thursday, January 03, 2013

HuffPo on Gregory

Poor ol' David Gregory just can't catch a break.  Now HuffPo is hammering him for his stunt.
There is nothing that prevents David Gregory from showing some respect to those institutions right now by saying something like, "I am sorry that my actions have caused a police investigation. My team and I will cooperate fully with D.C. police and do whatever we can to help resolve this matter."
Yeah, well, like other criminals Gregory has the right to remain silent. I'm sure that he's been advised by his lawyers to shut up. HuffPo talks about rule of law, too.
None the less, Washington, D.C. police are now stuck. If they let David Gregory off without getting any acknowledgment from him that he made a mistake, police will be throwing "equal justice under the law" out the window. After all, would an African-American in Southeast D.C. who violated a gun law -- and wouldn't acknowledge it -- get a break? Of course not.
Yeah, the law is funny like that. It's supposed to be color-blind, economically blind, "equal justice for all". The sooner that Gregory is arrested and prosecuted for what is was a very public and spectacular violation of D.C. ordinances, the sooner we can move on.

The D.C. police should be seeking a warrant even as I post on this issue. I can't think of any competent detective who wouldn't have already moved on this issue, except if he's being stonewalled by his supervisors.


Matt said...

Thanks for this. I mentioned your post yesterday on my blog today.

Old NFO said...

Yep, you can bet there is a lot of 'negotiating' going on behind the scenes...

Don F said...

So why has the media been so quiet about this?

Rivrdog said...

Detective? Any patrol officer or Deputy at least five minutes past probation could put that case together.