Thursday, January 10, 2013

More on Gregory

It looks like the Washington DC police department has completed their investigation and has passed the case to the AG's office to decide if Gregory will be charged with the same crime that everyone else gets charged with.
Does the rule of law apply equally to all citizens, even when “the law is a ass,” to quote Charles Dickens?  Or do celebrities get one form of justice for mindless laws they endorse while breaking them, while everyone else gets the tougher form?  That question now rests with the District of Columbia’s Attorney General, who will have to decide what to do with NBC’s David Gregory for brandishing a high-capacity magazine on television:
Good question!  Actually several good questions.  Does the rule of law apply equally to all citizens?  Or, is "the law an ass"?  Do celebrities get a pass, while everyone else has to obey the law?

It's going to be interesting to see how the AG's office decides those questions.


Rivrdog said...

Don't the liberals call these exceptions for Liberal Royalty their "Worldview" or something?

How antiquated of you, PawPaw, to think that the Constitution means what it says, and not what some anti-gun, city-slicker prosecutor thinks it ought to mean.

Don't forget the lesson of Heller here. The lesson wasn't that the Second Amendment means Right to Keep and Bear Everywhere, as the SCOTUS ruled, but, it means that DeeCee still drags it's feet on fully implementing the decision, AND, DeeCee gets away with it. So does Illinois and Chicago. In fact, after the recent Federal decision there invalidating Chicago's gun-grabbing rules, a State legislator had the gall to write another gun-grabbing bill.

I'm holding MY fire for now, but I believe that force of arms will be used to settle this question. When it is, one way or another, the Liberals will regret starting the fight, because History will judge them to have had full fault in that they failed to read their Constitutions and have the "worldview" to believe that our Federal Constitution means exactly what it says.

Rivrdog said...

...or, in the alternative, the AG of DeeCee could just apply common sense and decide that the law itself is faulty, since an incoate object is not capable of committing or even contributing to the commission of a crime, only people can do that.

The lesson here is in the Prohibition of alcohol. Listening to a shrill minority more concerned with advancing women's rights than the effects of over-imbibing, this Nation allowed Prohibition into the Constitution, then repealed it shortly thereafter when it had been firmly demonstrated that such an Amendment criminalizing a product (thing) that can't, by any definition, commit a crime, was the wrong thing to do...

Abortions were banned in this country until 40 years ago. I do NOT recall that speculums, suction pumps and even coat-hangers were ever banned to effect the prohibition of abortion, so why do firearms and their accessories have to be banned to effect the prohibition of murder and mayhem occasionally committed with them?

Old NFO said...

He's gonna walk... Just sayin... And we'll have the Gregory defense!

Rich Jordan said...

Maybe obama will preemptively pardon him...