Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Alabama Wins!

Of course.  What did you expect?


Old NFO said...

LOL, nothing less... Best comment- Announcer- Well, Notre Dame 'might' have finished mid-pack in the SEC!

Termite said...

Bear Bryant must be grinning ear to ear, right about now.......

Rivrdog said...

Notre Dame won the toss, opted to defer, was supposed to let linebacker T'eo terrorize the Bama offense and kill their game plan?

Lessee here, he whiffed on his first two tackles, managed a trip of Lacey on the third.

Brian Kelly must have had rocks in his head thinking that ONE defensive player was going to knock Bama off their game right at the start. It took, what, 10 minutes for Bama to score three TDs in the first quarter?

Can you say OVER-RATED? I knew you could.

The bigger lesson is the farging BCS itself. How could Notre Dame EVER have been rated #1? Why the HELL is there such a thing as "the Notre Dame rule". In their sweep-season, they beat what, 4 good teams and the rest are in FBS by the skin of their teeth?

The Oregon Ducks should have played Bama. The Tide would likely still have rolled, but at least the game would have been fun to watch.