Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gregory Gets Off Scot Free

As predicted, the prosecutors in Washington DC have decided to not prosecute David Gregory after his public violation of the district's magazine laws.  The Washington Times reports:
NBC should be made aware that OAG's decision not to press charges in this matter was a very close decision and not one to which it came lightly or easily. Accordingly, NBC and its employees should take meticulous care in the future to ensure that it is in full compliance with D.C. law whether its actions involve firearms or any other potential violation. Repetition by NBC or any employee of any similar or other firearms violation will be prosecuted to the full extent supported by the facts and the law.
I am confident that you will convey our deep concern and warning to your client.
So, Gregory gets off with deep concern and a sternly worded memo.  It would appear that the Gregory Defense is now in full force and effect in Washington DC.

One set of laws for me, another set for thee.

Hat Tip, Say Uncle.


Old NFO said...

Yep, and I'm betting it WILL be used...

Anonymous said...

We can only use it if we travel in the same social circles as he..
- Rumson