Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Clinton Testifies

Watching the Secretary testify in front of the Senate Committee, I noticed that Senator Paul was ripping her a new asshole.  Clinton wants to talk about lessons learned and moving forward.  Paul is trying to figure out what went wrong.  He told her flat-out that if he were President, he'd have fired her the next morning.


Rivrdog said...

He also asked her, "where were the Marines?"

She had just testified that there are 20 other "Benghazis" waiting to pop. Needs to be a reinforced rifle company at each one of those, at least, with maybe some aviation assets for good measure.

The Administration, while crowing every day "I got Bin Laden" has apparently let the jihadis get stronger than ever. They're going to be in Our towns and cities next, and we're supposed to give up our carbines?

Anyone else smell the same stink I'm smelling?

Old NFO said...

She lying AGAIN... and Paul was right!