Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What a Jackass!

I understand that Ray Nagin is asking people to not return to New Orleans because vital services aren't yet restored.
New Orleans officials said it would be at least Thursday before people would be allowed back, because the city lacked many vital services.
What a jackass!

Hey, Ray! We're happy to help out. We've got shelters up and running, we're watching over a bunch of your citizens. But, in case you missed the word, we got hammered too. We're trying to clean up, get the power restored and the services back in gear, and you're asking us to keep the shelters open? Your citizens want to come home and while we were happy to help, we'll be happy to see them return. It's not like we don't have plenty to do ourselves.

The storm's over, Ray. It's time to get the people home. In case you're wondering, I-49 southbound is packed. They're coming home whether you like it or not.


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Anonymous said...

New Orleans is a different world.
I can't believe that man was re- elected after what he did to the city the first time. Y'all have a good Govenor now, I hope the citizens of N.O. find a good Mayor.