Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday afternoon Update

The cleanup continues. We went to my son's house this afternoon and cleaned his refrigerator. He's been without power since Monday and we thought it was time to clean the fridge before the power came back on. We threw out everything and gave the appliance a once-over cleaning. The worst is done. When the power comes back on he'll be able to give it a thorough cleaning and buy new food.

Then, we went to Momma's and checked on her. The generator is running and the house is tolerably cool inside. Her antennae is down, but she's able to get two local channels. We cut a tree off the back of the barn and trimmed some low-hanging limbs near the driveway. She's fine. She reports that CLECO said that she'd have power by next Tuesday. That'll make her nine days without power. Thankfully she has a generator that provides everything but air conditioning.

Note to family: There are two big trees down behind the barn. One of the trees clipped the eave of the barn on its way down, but there is no damage to the structure itself. One big pine fell across the garden. Be prepared to cut up those big trees when you come for Thanksgiving. Barrett and I worked for an hour or so this afternoon, but the heat and humidity finally took a toll on this old man. We can walk around the barn now, and I'll keep chipping away at it, but those two trees are huge.

I got a report from second son that the power has been restored to his house near Bentley, LA. He and his wife are going to be there until the power is restored to her house in the Baghdad community. Yeah, in Louisiana we have a community named Baghdad. It's in Grant parish. Those two kids were married in June, and they've been living at her house while they made plans to remodel his house.

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I'm ready to learn to use a saw! :)