Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Portland 6?

I see near Portland, Oregon, someone hanged an effigy of Barack Obama in a tree, outside a Christian university.

I wonder if Jesse Jackson is going to show up and work the crowd for money? Or if Al is going to arrive and berate everyone for being a racist?

Clean, liberal, leftwing Oregon has closet rasists? Who knew?

All this time I understood that the Deep South was the only place that harbored racists.

I guess not!

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Rivrdog said...

Actually, Oregon is the only state where the KKK ever had enough clout to be a major political force. Back in the early Twenties, the Klan was strong enough influence State Legislators and have their choice of education-related legislation passed. Their influence quickly waned, though, and the legislation was ruled unconstitutional. They backed a Democrat, Walter Pierce, for Governor in the '22 election and he won handily.