Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ike Update

We're watching Ike. Watching him like a hawk. Accuweather has him coming ashore on the Texas coast, but those of us who remember Rita, in 2005 remember her as taking a jog to the right and coming ashore in East Texas.

A storm that's a hundred miles wide and comes ashore in east Texas is going to have a heck of an impact on Louisiana. Yeah, that puts us in the northeast quadrant of the storm. Not a good place to be.

At any rate, here's the current guesstimate by Accuweather.

I don't want to wish a hurricane on anybody. For all you folks in southern Texas, get ready. I hope it doesn't come here, and I hope that y'all are going to be okay.

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Rivrdog said...

The spaghetti charts are all over the place, with landfalls from the East TX coast to south of Brownsville in MX.

Too soon to say, but the storm is VERY slow, which will build up the wave action on those petro rigs something fierce.

'Nother thing to remember, the closer Ike gets to Gustav's track, the colder will be the water it will track over, and the weaker it will be, so if it actually follows the most easterly track, it's likely to be a category or two lower when it hits land.