Friday, September 26, 2008

Tired of Politics

I'm tired of politics. Tonight is the first Presidential debate, and Congress is squabbling over the Wall Street Debacle. Whatever happens on Wall Street, Congress will turn it into a debacle. It looks like the Democrats want to hand a chunk of cash to ACORN, the commie organization that is currently being investigated for voter fraud.

And I don't give a shit. Not a single crap. I'm listening to the Tioga Indians hand the Bolton Bears their ass. It's the third quarter and Tioga leads Bolton something like 28-14. Tioga has dominated Bolton all night.

I made an order this week from Midway USA. Midway is a gun supply store. They let me have an account and a wish list, and when I want something I put it on the wish list. Some stuff has been on there a couple of years. Other stuff stays there a couple of weeks. The way the wish list works is that if you find something you want or need, you put it on the wish list. Some things, like .30-30 brass, stay on the wish list permanently. When you check the list, if something's on sale, it shows a little red Sale! flag.

Right now, I'm waiting on

1. Williams WGRS sight for an H&R rifle.
2. Lee handles for a 6-banger mold
3. Lee Factory Crimp die for .380 auto, and a shellholder for same
4. A Remington recoil pad for a Model 7600, wood stock.

The only thing I really needed was the sight. The rest of the items were on sale and I can use all of them.

While I typed the paragraphs above, Bolton scored another touchdown. The score is 28 to 21, Tioga leading. Friday night is High School Football, and I follow my Bears. They break my heart. They really do.

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Anonymous said...

I've been buying from Midway since around 1993. Unfortunately Ill Annoy made ordering ammo difficult and Midway ended up making it even more difficult, so a lot of orders for other things go elsewhere with ammo orders now. Midway rarely has a great price on ammo, in any case. Except during sales.

I don't know if its a selectable option, but I get an email from Midway when a wish list item goes on sale; it doesn't identify which items but at least I get a heads up to check.