Sunday, September 07, 2008

Watching Ike

Bolton High School hosted Menard last night for the high school season opener. I worked the game and it was good to get out under the lights and think about something besides hurricanes. The weather cooperated with mild temperatures and a gentle breeze. Candidates were out in force, drumming up support for the election scheduled for later this autumn.

This morning, the conversation at church was all about the aftereffects of the storm, and the possible tracks of Ike. He bears watching.

It was nice to have a reasonably normal weekend. I'm thinking that I haven't had any trigger time in the past several weeks and chances are that I won't have much luck next weekend.

Just Damn!


Rivrdog said...

I think you will skate. Ike looks towards Galveston.

Pawpaw said...

No one knows yet where that sumbitch is going. We'll know later this week.