Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Full House

Not the card hand, the grandkids. PawPaw has a full house. Two of the grandkids are without power and are refugee-ing over here, the other two grandkids are about to have a new baby sister and are staying here while Momma is in the hospital. Other various friends and family have been checking in, eating a meal, then leaving to go home and clean up.

PawPaw's house is a refuge, both literally and figuratively. Tonight, at a minimum, we'll have all the beds filled and one, maybe two will be sleeping on the couch.

It's all about family and keeping everyone safe. When the grandkids were frightened during the storm, Milady told them that our whole job is to keep them safe. She's right, of course, as she is about all things. My job is to keep them safe.

PawPaw worked yesterday, keeping the citizens safe. Tomorrow morning I have to go back, watching over citizens at a local shelter. Keeping people safe. That's what I do. Milady goes back to work also, doing her RN thing at a surgical clinic. This week's been a helluva ride and as I type this, a fine gentle rain is falling.

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Anonymous said...

Papaw, we were blessed that we were reared by parents who showed us how to do that job properly...not everyone is as lucky as we were. :)