Friday, September 05, 2008

Then came Hannah

If I'm reading this map correctly, it looks like Hurricane Hannah is set to ravage the east coast. My nieces in Vermont might get a taste of tropical storm winds.

My thoughts are with you folks. Hunker down. Head inland. Get ready for wind and flooding. Lay in three days of food and camping gear. You might need it. At one point we had our camp stove set up in the garage, making red beans and rice.

I don't wish a tropical storm on anybody. I know, living in Louisiana what the chances are, what the odds are, how to prepare, and still I sometimes get surprised by a storm. I certainly won't wish it on the unprepared.

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Rivrdog said...

While the keeps pleading "one storm at a time", the danger is that the much more powerful Ike will be the one to hammer SOMEWHERE flat. Hannah will do a lot of rain and even more wind damage on trees, which takes down a lot of power lines, but Ike is capable of serious disaster if it makes landfall, and after this morning's report on a leftward lurch, might just happen.

Hannah is survivable, it likely just means a large mess to clean up and a bunch of inconvenience, but Ike landing anywhere from South Florida to getting into the Gulf would NOT be survivable for a lot of folks.

The Government does no one a favor with their attitude, and if they believe it themselves, FEMA may not be taking the excellent precautions they did for Gustav soon enough for Ike.