Sunday, September 14, 2008

Palin Derangement Syndrome

I was just reading the New York Times (When am I going to learn not to do that?) and stumbled on to Maureen Dowd's latest screed against Sarah Palin.

I feel for Maureen, I really do. They sent her butt to Alaska, where there's ice, and snow, and Russia is just across the strait. I know that she's feeling exiled, but the nastiness of her rant shows just how desperate the Times is to find something, anything, on Sarah. And they really can't find much.
An Arctic blast of action has swept into the 2008 race, making thinking passé. We don’t really need to hurt our brains studying the world; we just need the world to know we’re capable of bringing a world of hurt to the world if the world continues to be hell-bent on misbehaving.
Actually, Maureen, that's been the lesson that the world should have learned since Normandy. If Normandy wasn't lesson enough, then Hiroshima should have demonstrated to the world that we're capable of putting serious hurt on just about anyone. Yet Dowd's screed gets more hysterical, and fails to realize the fundamental mission of NATO and our treaty obligations.
Two weeks after being thrown onto a national ticket, and moments after being speed-briefed by McCain foreign-policy advisers, our new Napoleon in bunny boots (not the Pamela Anderson kind, but the knock-offs of the U.S. Army Extreme Cold Weather Vapor Barrier Boots) is ready to face down the Russkies and start a land war over Georgia, and, holy cow, what business is it of ours if Israel attacks Iran?
Yeah, Maureen, if Georgia joins NATO, and Russia attacks it, we're treaty bound to respond. That's been the reason for NATO, since just after WWII. You probably didn't study history in New York, but the rest of us learned that during the '60s there were two main treaty alliances in the world. NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Those two were the primary antagonists in the Cold War. Palin's answer to that hypothetical was correct and on point. If it scares journalists from the New York Times, then good. It scares us too.

It amazes me how scared the Democrats seem to be since Governor Palin came on the scene. Three weeks ago they were riding high, enjoying double-digit polls. Now, they're barely even and they're not running against Senator McCain, but his running mate. They're trying to convince us that Palin is unqualified to be the Vice, but if she is really unqualified, you'd think they'd be exuberant!

I know that I was exuberant when Obama tapped whatisname as VP. Biden, yeah, Biden! He's a good ole boy from the good ole boy network. Been in the Senate almost forever, yet no one can remember anything that he's done. He's pulling the ticket down like an anchor in a sack. I was thrilled when Obama named him.

They're running against the VP. That isn't a good sign for the party. They've lost focus about the race. It may cost them the race.

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Anonymous said...

Democrats have a puzzle with a code name "Palin Problem". They have to solve it, and to do it effectively, because the prize is the White House.
Sarah is everywhere these days. No matter, if there are negative responses, rumors and resentments; or praises, support and encouragements. She filled media, and not only in America. Palinmania is spreading all over the world - everybody has their opinion on the new political celebrity of US.
The Palin avalanche is winning against Obama inundation. How should Democrats defeat her? Would it be better just keep their line of campaign and ignore populist idol of Republicans? Or should they put out their claws, oppose her and show her the real politics? - give advice to Democrats, if you think there still is an effective advice for them...