Monday, August 08, 2022

Wax Bullets - in COmments

 A commenter asks a question we get all the time in CFDA shooting.

Does shooting wax bullets extensively cause any issues with the bore? I imagine wax is easier to remove and clean out than lead and/or copper.

Wax does foul the bore, and competitive shooters clean the bore about every 20 shots. However, the common solvents for lead and copper don't work very well on wax.  So, we have developed our practice to match the problem. Hoppe's bore solvent is worthless for wax.

Brake cleaner, like you can buy at the auto parts store (or the Dollar Store) works well for wax.  As does carb cleaner.  Some people use WD-40, which seems to do as well as anything.

A fouled bore is not as accurate as a clean bore, and wax tends to foul faster than lead.  Much faster.  A competitive round is generally 6-8 shots, so every 3rd round, go run a brush through the bore.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanations on your barrel maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Kerosene dissolves wax. Leaves no residue.