Friday, August 19, 2022

Gloom and Doom

 I'm seeing a bunch of the usual suspects saying that the GOP may not regain the majority in Congress in the coming midterms.  Gloom and Doom.  Even Mitch McConnell is saying that the GOP may not take tie Senate in November.

I am reminded of several things.  First, the ability of the GOP to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Second, I seem to recall times when the pollsters had it all wrong and we awoke to a solid victory when everyone was predicting defeat.  The election is still two months away and lots can change between this morning and the election in November.

Besides, Brian Stelter found out yesterday that he is out of work.  Who saw that coming?

For some reason (and that reason is always politics) they have trotted out James Carville, who claims that the entire GOP base is evil.  The attacks are smacking of desperation.

The only poll I'll put my faith in is the one that we are going to take in November.  The rest of them is simply political spin.


Paul said...

I would agree. Just I think the election we have this fall will be as crooked as the one we had two years ago. I will vote but I know the outcome will be more of the same.

BobF said...

I WILL be surprised if the election(s) go the way of the wave supposedly expected. I have little faith that this country will ever have large scale honest elections ever again.

kamas716 said...

1) I read not too long ago that the recent historical misses by the polls overcount Democrats by about 2-3%. So anything within that range is wide open.

2) I no longer have faith in any elections where there is Democrat oversight of the ballots/machines. I expect fraud to be as big or bigger each successive cycle, and to do it in the open.