Friday, August 05, 2022

California Wrecks Junior Shooting

 There is a new California law that Gavin Newsome signed on July 1st that wrecks any form of junior shooting in the state of California.

"Due to recent legislation from the California State Assembly, and signed into Law by Gov. Gavin Newsom, the USA Clay Target League, DBA USA High School Clay Target League/California State High School Clay Target League, has been forced by law to suspend all operations within California," USA Clay Target League notes on its website. "California Assembly Bill 2571 … provides for a civil penalty of $25,000 for any and each instance of firearm-related marketing to persons under the age of 18. That includes the '… use, or ownership of firearm-related products…' as well as '…events where firearm-related products are sold or used.'"

This affects anything having to do with guns and kids.  We're talking about it in Cowboy Fast Draw, and in the clay target sports, and I suppose in any youth league for the action shooting sports.  Two weeks ago at Louisiana State, we had eight competitors that would have qualified under this law.  Eight kids who were safe with firearms, competing at the level that they could compete. 

In California now, that is illegal.  Just one more reason to never go to the state of California.


Robert Orians said...

There's something wrong with those California folks . My older brother lived there most of his life . He fit right in .About every time I talked with him on the phone he would try and bum some money from me . I would always remind him of the time he borrowed $40 and never paid it back , heh . 1st time is his fault . 2nd time is mine .

Jonathan H said...

A couple of years ago Chicago tried to do this and it got shot down in the courts, hopefully that happens in CA too.
It's intended to keep the next generation from learning about guns and shooting.