Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Two Weeks?

 Two weeks?  Are you serious?  It will take the FBI two weeks to copy all the documents they siezed in the raid on Trumps house?

Now, according to Just the News, we’ve learned that the FBI will give back President Trump’s passports and documents containing privileged information between the former president and his attorneys. No doubt the Justice Department will be reading and copying the documents as they prepare to return them. It may be why the DOJ estimates it will take two weeks to get Trump back his property.

Everyone involved in this debacle, from Garland him self to the cute little Feebie holding the AR near the gate, should be disbarred, fired, and prosecuted  Which little Feebie, you ask?

That one, on the right side of the photo.  From Merrick Garland, all the way down to her.  As an object lesson.  If any of them are lawyers, disbar them.  For the pure cops, pull their certifications.


Jonathan H said...

I've been wondering what the real reason for the raid was; the stated reasons didn't add up.
I suspect it was a fishing expedition to find what they could by ruffling through his office - they are desperately searching for anything they can use against him.
I also bet that anything interesting in his confidential correspondence will be leaked. Also, what is to say that complete documents will be returned to him, that nothing has been removed or added?

Mike-SMO said...

Probably a mixture of intimidation and hopes of finding documents that the government runs on grift. President Trump at least has the rsources for the upcoming legal battle. Iloved the empty safe and the CCTV coverage. The Feds may have been on a fishing expedition, but Trump laid out the bait.

Anonymous said...

As Trump has already said that he declassified the documents he had, I suspect that they are documents detailing the criminal actions of various FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Depargment, and other actors who conspired against him.
The DOJ prevented their release during his Presidency by jeeping their investigatikns going, and threatening him with obstruction of justice charges if he released information "pertaining to an ongoing investigation." Of course, tge DOJ and FBI have no problem doing so. :-《
John in Indy

Anonymous said...

Trust in the Lord, things are moving in a different direction, many positives come from seemingly negative situations. What will be, will be.

Termite said...

I think that attorney/client privilege means that any documents seized that were communications between Trump and his attorneys cannot be used to support any charges, except where specific intent to commit a crime on the part of the attorney and/or client can be shown. Not even a confession of a crime to one's attorney can be used by the prosecution.

Am I correct on that?

Robert Orians said...

Desantis showed that he isn't presidential material when he didn't have the Florida National Guard show up at Trumps house to stop the invasion . Nope ! He stopped tweeting and went into hiding for nearly a week . He's weak !