Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Pool Pump Repair

 The pool pump started making funny noises last night, so I shut it down and this morning after coffee, disconnected it and started diagnosing the problem.  The impeller has gone south, and I went to the pool supply place to get one.  Out of stock, but it will be here tomorrow afternoon.

I know, that is a rich man's problem.  When I was po'folks, I never worried about pool pumps.  Kind of like my buddy, Termite, who spends time worrying about airplanes and hangers.  Poor folks don't worry about that stuff, either.

Belle has chicken wings bubbling happily in a nice seasoned sauce, and I think that there is potato salad in the fridge.  Sounds like lunch.


Termite said...

Chicken wings......yumm....

Jonathan H said...

I like pools, but they are a lot of work. Part of me misses them, part of me is glad I don't own one anymore!