Sunday, August 14, 2022

Back in '85

 Back in '85 I was a five-year veteran of a local police agency.  Several of my brother officers became convinced that the elected Sheriff was crooked.  SO, we began quietly putting together a file that might be useful in the future.  As our investigation gained traction, we knew that if we were found out, we would certainly be fired, so we were very careful in our inquiries.

Towrd the culmination of our inquiries, it became apparent that one particular person would be instrumental to our investigation.  That person happened to be a parolee, supervised by the local office.  As things heated up, he skipped town.  The parole officer obtained an absconder's warrant.  The investigation stopped dead cold.

In '86 we located the parolee in a neighboring state, and extradited him.  On the trip home, he told his story in an attempt to gain favor from the Parole Board.

We had what we needed and passed our information along to state authorities. The Sheriff was arrested, stripped of his office, and was eventually convicted in federal court.

Some have wondered how a law enforcement agency can be reformed from the bottom up.  It takes good people, willing to risk their career to make a good case.  I've seen it happen in more than one case.  Corruption has to be rooted out, and if the rank-and-file ain't willing to do it, it won't get done.

I'm convinced that the FBI is a corrupt organization that targets the political enemies of its political masters.  We see the senior officials of the Trump organization targeted, whale the blatant criminality of the Biden family is ignored. Our Attorney General, Merrick Garland has said many times that no one is above the law, and that he intends to enforce the law without "fear of favor".

I believe that Garland is trying to arrest and prosecute President Trump.  One does not seek a search warrant without probable cause that a crime has been committed.  Many senior officials from the previous administration have been arrested.  The culminating trophy will be President Trump.

Yet, the crimes of Hunter Biden continue without abatement.  If Garland and FBI Director Wray are truly interested in maintaining the integrity of the federal law enforcement effort, they really should start arresting Democrats who scoff at the law.


Old NFO said...

If only... sigh

Justin_O_Guy said...

I'm convinced that the FBI is a corrupt organization that targets the political enemies of its political masters.

Absolutely obvious. Evidence that the left are freely committing crimes and the FBI are nowhere to be seen. Listening to Comey as he explained everything she did and finish with," ‘no reasonable prosecutor’ would bring a case against Clinton for emails.
The server she was using for official business was not authorized nor was it secure. The crimes that any honest person would easily see enough evidence that would make an investigation easily justifiable, and she just skates. Watching how Trump has been treated is just mind boggling. After Biden bragged about threatening to withhold the money unless the prosecutor investigating Hunter was fired, Trump asked the president of Ukraine to give Trump the evidence against Hunter,the left, through Olympic Gold Medal level mental gymnastics,cynically twisted the ethical and reasonable pursuit of evidence of corruption into an accusation of blackmail.
Seeing the way we,the People, are being told we must accept, as Normal, so much insanity is stressful. They gonna keep pushing goofy pronouns till someone starts giving them new ones, like Was and Were.
I'm not promoting violence. I'm just pointing out that it's a possibility. I'm Waaay too old and crippled up to get involved in anything beyond the driveway. Hopefully, we the Normies, can simply shoo society back towards sanity just by not spending money with the corporate entities that are supporting the whole Wokism push until they figure out they can't promote perversion and not suffer.
Damn,sorry about letting that get so long.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that, didn't work out as well as yours.

kamas716 said...

Who do the FBI officers turn their evidence over to once collected? There's no outside entity like you had at your department. Garland is just as corrupt as Comey and Wray. Biden won't do anything. Occasionally there's a House or Senate that might be interested, but good luck getting both at the same time. There is no Independent Council either. Merely pointing out, with more solid evidence, what everyone can see for themselves isn't going to change anything.