Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Whistleblower claims FBI is purging conservatives

Congressman Jim Jordan tells us that he has had six (6) FBI agents come forward and describe a purge of agents who hold conservative values.

I remember when the FBI was the premier law enforcement agency in the US, maybe the world.  If what is being reported is even close to being true, then they have morphed into a political arm of the Democratic party.  Kind of like a KGB lite.

This is a damned shame.  Law enforcement is supposed to be apolitical. To enforce the law based on the elements of a crime, regardless of the political leanings of the suspect.  Ever since Comey went on TV and gave Hillary a pass on email security issues, their failure to prosecute the crimes found on the Huter laptop, their labeling of parents at school board meetings as terrorists, and their handling of the Jan 6th Capitol tour, it appears that they have become a political organization with arrest powers.

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Jonathan H said...

How long will it be before people stop working with or talking to the FBI?
This doesn't even get into the issue where they refuse to record interviews and their "official rexoy" of the interview is written by them days later.
If you later say something that disagrees with their "record", they'll prosecute you for lying to the FBI.