Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Bruce Mitchell's Bayou Gumbo | Blackstone Griddles

I've seen a lot of thing, but I've never seen anyone make roux on a griddle.  I'm going to have to try that this winter, when things get cold and it's time for a gumbo.  Bruce lives on the north shore of Lake Pnchartrain (I think), and he knows what he is doing, but I don't put okra in my gumbo.

But, I am intrigued about the way he made that roux.


Robert Orians said...

Oh PawPaw ! No okra ! I'm losing respect for you .

Old NFO said...

If it works...

BobF said...

My mother added okra, but I don't consider it a typical ingredient.

If it hadn't been on video I'd have expected that flour to turn very quickly into a stick to the grill mess. Never gave a thought to doing it on a grill and would have predicted failure.

Interesting idea, but the black skillet works for me.

TechieDude said...

My wife thinks I'm a heretic because I use a black iron pan for mine, then add the roux to the gumbo, instead of starting with the roux and building it up.

I learned that by watching a paul prudhomme vidya.

By sweating the veggies in the pan, and roux you already have the good bits. That said, he's missing a couple really important steps to adding flavor complexity and mouth feel.

My brother in law made it the same way. Roux in a jar, added to stock/water. Cooked the meat separate then put it in, cooked the veggies separate and put them in.

The kindest thing I can say is it was missing something. Yeah, it's 'gumbo' but doesn't give you that happy belly I ate gumbo feeling.

BTW - dude had way too much rice in his bowl. He's eating rice and gravy, not gumbo the way he served it.