Thursday, June 09, 2022

What Is A Woman?

 Matt Walsh, at the Daily Wire famously asked that question in a documentary, and the left-world is going crazy.  I'm no biologist, but I can work a dictionary, and the answer is pretty simple.  A woman is an adult human female.  That is reality, and it will get you cancelled in many circles these days.  As I lurk across the internet these days, I'm seeing a tapestry of threads, from the upcoming Roe decision to the various transgender movements, to discussions about personal choice and free speech.  It's a strange tapestry of competing messages that seems to be vaguely unhinged. Instapundit has a thread on it this morning.

I saw on thread recently that a man who chose reproductive freedom by submitting to a vasectomy was somehow lesser than a man who retained a high sperm count.

In 1984, I made the decision to get the snip.  My wife and I were very happily married, and she was pregnant with our fourth child.  I figured that the procedure would save me a lot of moony over the years, if only that I wouldn't be buying diapers or remodeling a nursery.  I got it done on a Friday at about noon and was back to work on Monday morning.

Best money I ever spent.  I have never once regretted the decision.  My body, my choice.  Some might way that my choice affected a woman's reproductive choice.  Maybe so, but I never hid the fact, and if a woman wanted to get pregnant, she was free to do so, just not with me.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, cancelled for sure!

BobF said...

Mine while at Minot AFB (long ago!!) VA/Mil/Indian Affairs hospital in town (base was 12 miles out). Days after experience not as yours, but not too bad. Was a first sergeant then and the first day back was a failure in trying to hide what had been done. They knew I hadn't been whacked at squadron softball.

Coderage said...

Wholeheartedly agree. I had mine done in 1990, after four children, and I have no regrets.

Similarly, I had mine done Friday morning and was back at work Monday. I have to admit though that I avoided stairs for a while longer.