Friday, June 03, 2022

Here We Go Again

Roughly five months from Congressional elections, with the economy in shambles, no baby formula on the shelves, the southern border wide open, a President who can't complete a cogent sentence, and what appears to me a total loss of confidence from the electorate, the Democrats are looking to push a fight.  And they are willing to tell us outright what they plan to do.

They want your guns.  Below, Rep Mondaire Jones tells us exactly how they intend to do it.  Ram it through the House, end the Senate filibuster, and expand the Supreme Court.

That is an ambitious agenda, and they intend to get it done before the November elections?  Good luck with that.

I understand that SanFran Nan is going to introduce legislation this morning that will be every bit as bad as you imagine.  An "assault weapon" ban, limits on magazine capacity, universal backgrounds checks, among other outrages.  Of course, they are going to exempt their own security staff, because hypocrisy is the main agenda of the Democrats.  Laws are only for the downtrodden, not the elite members of Congress.

The coming months are going to be very interesting.


Robert Orians said...

They will get a war if they want one . What does the government do after they take your guns ? Anything they want !

be603 said...

They know it's their last chance for 2-4 years at minimum and are willing to go all in. Scorched earth.

Can you say Mitch McConnell? There I knew you could.
R's got no game.

The Commies know anything they succeed in passing into law is unlikely to be fully unwound by the spineless, feckless R's. So the Commie's will take whatever ground they can. Much like Putin in Ukraine they know they may give up a bit of it later but not all of it.