Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Lawn Mower Gas

 I just went down to the local merchant and picked up 10 gallons of lawn mower gas. $5.299 a gallon.  I use non-ethanol in my small engines.  It gives me better service than the alcohol gasoline we buy at most stations today.

When I was done filling the gas cans, I stuck the nozzle into my truck fill tube and ran the meter up to an even $60.00.  I use that truck very infrequently, so I keep non-ethanol in that tank as well.  The guys who work in agriculture around here are feeling the crunch of gas prices. It takes fuel to run equipment.

Joe Biden is killing us.  Slowly, with bad policies.  


Old NFO said...

Glad you can still FIND non-ethanol gas... sigh

pjk said...

Our local Walmart installed new pumps that have one hose that is Blue - this hose dispenses non-ethanol gas - I filled up the other day for 5.219.

Jonathan H said...

Our blue hoses are about 50 cents per gallon more than "regular" but I'm thinking about trying it to see how mpg is affected.