Friday, June 10, 2022

Political Theater

 I understand that there was some sort of political theater last night.  Some sort of fancy show trial.  A beating of a deceased hose.  Oh, it was covered on all the Democrat news channels, live, in prime time.

I wonder if anyone watched.  Americans know that what happened to January 6th was an aberration, a weird protest that got a bit rowdy.  More importantly, Americans know that the January 5th protest was not.  It was not an attempt to subvert the electoral process.

For better or worse, America gave the reins of power to the Democrats during the last election. We faced then, and we face now, serious challenges.  We trusted the Democrats to face those challenges seriously.  Instead, they reverted to progressive policies that ate neither helpful nor rational.  The voters have noticed and are now poised to rebuff then and replace them with what we hope are serious adults who will face the challenges before us.

The United States is a lesser place now than it was in early 2020.  This is purely the fault of the Democrats in power.  Americans have noticed, and no show trial will prevent the reckoning that is sure to come. This prime time, produced political theater only serves to highlight the desperation that the Democrats in Congress now feel coming.  They deserve to be mocked for their absurdity. 

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Old NFO said...

I gave up after about 5 minutes.