Friday, June 24, 2022

Lack Of Trust

 In the wake of the Supreme Court's decision in NYRPA v Buren, we are seeing a total melt-down of the Democratic leadership.  You would think, based on the news coverage that the Supreme Court had legalized mayhem and manslaughter.  Nothing could be further from the case.  

New York City mayor Adams thinks that it is a disaster.

VP Harris thinks that the decision goes against the Constitution.

President Biden fumbles his way through a disjointed response, but he is disappointed.

From my own cursory reading of the opinion, I was struck by how many times the justices referred to "law-abiding" people.  This decision only affects law-abiding people, just as restrictive gun laws only affect law-abiding people. Murder and mayhem are still illegal.

As I mull the implications, realizing that this decision doesn't affect me, except in a small way, I am struck by the realization that the folks who are outraged over this decision don't trust us.

President Biden, VP Harris, and Mayor Adams don't trust law-abiding people to keep and bear arms.  That is the lesson from this case.  They don't trust us.  I have suspected this for many years, and it is a scathing indictment of the gun-grabbers.  


juvat said...


I know nothing about the NYC Mayor, so can't comment. I do disagree with the next sentence in your post, specifically the first three words. VP Harris hasn't had a coherent thought at a minimum since she took office. Quite probably in her entire life. What a disgrace.

be603 said...

as a resident of a "may issue" State this is going to be huge, YUGE!

Going to be interesting to see how it affects CCW issuance in San Diego with a new Sheriff to be elected this year -- as Bill "Ruby Ridge" Gore is retiring.

Drew458 said...

NJ immediately issued a statement from the acting DA that the "prove you need one" part of the CCW application is no longer being enforced.

A few hours later, NJ Governor Murphy came out and said he's pushing he legislature to name nearly everywhere a No-Guns space.

Meanwhile, reading between the lines, you have to take a CCW class in NJ. It's about 12 hours worth of study and range time, but you also have to take several Basic Pistol classes before getting to the CCW class. IOW, it's going to set you back several months and at least $500. IMO, the class should be run by the state and 100% free.