Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Everything Lousy

 So, now, Joe is hitting us with platitudes.

“Out of everything lousy,” Joe Biden told reporters yesterday, “something good will happen.”

That's right, Joe.  Americans always look for a silver lining.  What Joe meant is that America will be better off when we completely transition to renewable energy.  What Joe fails to understand is that Americans are feeling a lot of pain right now, and are looking for more immediate relief.  Like a change of leadership.

Joe Biden has proven that he is manifestly unfit for matinal leadership.  Open borders, rampant inflation, high gas prices, schools in crisis, soaring crime rates, all these happened because we let Democrats run the country for a while.  Joe is bleeding support from every demographic.  His approval rates are so far underwater that the Navy has to use sonar to gauge the depth.

Joe's big problem is that the pain is recurring, every time we go to the gas pump.

I paid $4.299 for gas yesterday.  Joe and his apologists might say that there are a number of factors that lead to high gas prices, and I'm sure that is true.  But, I know what I was paying two years ago.  Less than half that amount.  If it takes many factors to raise the price of gas, the only rational explanation is that the Biden administration has taken many steps to raise the price of gasoline.  It's his fault, it sits oh his desk.  

Joe Biden is a complete and utter failure as a president.  America know it. 


juvat said...

Don't come one state west looking for cheaper gas. Drove from the 'Burg to College Station last week. Cheapest gas I saw was 4.69 and there were several places above $5.

I'd just like to say.

"Thanks, Joe!"

Anonymous said...

The only good thing that can come from lousy Joe is the Republicans take back house and senate this fall, then White house in 2024

BobF said...

And yet someone I know very well stated just a couple of weeks ago, "I don't care. I'll never vote anything other than Democrat no matter what!"

Such is the hatred Donald Trump engendered with his approach to personal communication. He did a lot of good, an awful lot, but I'm afraid he has also set us on a very bad road of retribution for his manner.

zdogk9 said...

$5.69 yesterday, $119.46 to fill my Durango.

Howard Brewi said...

We has $5.65 Sunday in Glennallen, Alaska and Alaska is an oil state too!

TechieDude said...

I'd take $4.29 at this point. It's $4.75 here in DFW, if you're lucky.

What's standing in the way of our dear leader's wonderful vision is the fact that diesel/fuel oil is a base level input to everything you buy - from strawberries to fancy solar panels.

Everything rides in a truck. For the panels, trucks and machinery are used in mining the metal. Trucks and tractors are used in planting and harvesting.

They'll never realize that vision.