Monday, June 27, 2022

It's Fer Lunch

 We were late getting tomato vines planted this year, and today marked the day that Belle picked the first vine-ripe tomato from her vines, so we sliced one, and fried some bacon.  No lettuce on these sandwiches, just good mayo, tomato and bacon.

It was like a taste from heaven.


DaveS said...

I'm jealous. I put my tomatoes in the ground outside 10 days ago and we had a good frost two nights ago. Might be that the only tomatoes that I see this year are at the grocer's.

Matthew W said...

Good eats !!

Anonymous said...

Oh - that sounds good ! Lucky you ! I haven't had one of those sandwiches in years... bacon will be on the list this week. I also agree with no lettuce - the tomato makes it all on its own.