Monday, June 06, 2022

Thanks, Joe

 It's not the highest I have ever paid for gas, but it's the highest I have ever paid for gas n Louisiana.  

This is the same pump where I paid considerably less than $2 per gallon on Trump's last day in office.


Howard Brewi said...

Gas Wes $5.85 in Glennallen Alaska yesterday!

Old NFO said...

Over $8 in northern California.

Anonymous said...

Our price in deep south Texas is $4.45 the plain grade. Supreme is hovering just under $5.00 and Diesel $5.15. Definitely changes summer travel plans if long distances are anticipated, probably be more expensive than the motel stay bill this time.

Javahead said...

Here in deepest California, I paid $5.79 per gallon at Costco last week - the big name stations were all over $6 then. I’m expecting to pay at least that when I fill up again, even at Costco.

Just before Brandon took the reins I was paying $2.89 at Costco.

BTW - it was already well over $4 here BEFORE the Russians kicked of their invasion of Ukraine.

Unknown said...

$5.59 to $6.19 in Portland Oregon, but hear $4.99 in the valley,

Drew458 said...

cash price $4.79 for no-brand 87 here in NJ today, and NJ has one of the lowest tax rates on gas in the country.

We are so screwed. FJB for 10,000 years.