Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Evidently there is this stuff called Diesel Exhaust Fluid. (DEF)  Termite sent me a link, and at first, I thought he was pulling my leg, so I started googling around, and evidently it's a real thing that is it added to a diesel exhaust system to reduce emissions.

Trucks made since 2010 require it, and in Biden's economy we are looking at a shortage of DEF.  Our interconnected economy needs lots of things to keep working, and our government doesn't know half of what they need to know to meddle in it.


Glypto Dropem said...

It is stinky caustic crap made from animal piss. The fluid is only half of the problem. Wait until a truck your driving suddenly goes into "REGEN" mode and you have to sit parked for like 20 minutes idling. Our GMC ambulance will flash a message saying it needs you to keep driving for its process to complete. We ignore it and shut it off upon arrival at the hospital.

Termite said...

Let's suppose that the article is correct.

Why would Union-Pacific tell Flying J to cut their shipping orders by 50%? It's less money in Union-Pacific's pocket.

This makes little sense to me....unless there's something else involved.

Just remember: in ancient times, Noah was laughed at and called a "conspiracy theorist".....until it started raining..... 👀

Termite said...

Emergency fix for truckers with certain DEF problems.

looper said...

Coincidence? Union-Pacific connected/controlled by blackrock

CF industries (largest US fertilizer producer-urea is in def&fert) connected/controlled by blackrock

Housing being bought up by blackrock

Chairman of blackrock investment institute is tommy donilon, barry o's Nat'l sec advisor. tommy's wife is cathy russell the current resident's White House personnel dir.
tommy's bro mikey is a sr. advisor to biden.
tommy's daughter works on bidens Nat'l sec. council

I think something smells rotten here

Old NFO said...

No DEF and the vehicle defaults to a max of 5mph...

FeralFerret said...

Sounds like someone needs to do a hack of the engine computers to override the DEF related crap so that they will run normally without it.