Saturday, June 11, 2022

Staying Home

 I was supposed to be on the road today, heading to the New Orleans area with second son to pick up a lathe. He wants a nice metal lathe to put in his shop.  We're not talking about your small tabletop lathe.  He wants something with a bit of heft.

He thought he had found one in the NOLA area, and asked me to ride down with him, to assist with whatever.  I happily agreed.  But, sadly, the seller backed out of the deal.  The deal is broken.  So, Saturday opens up before me without plans. 

The club has a practice shoot this morning, and I'll attend that.  Belle got a new holster and belt in the mail yesterday.  It's a very nice rig by Tin Can Jack out of New York state.  With hip surgery a month ago, she will probably have to re-work her shooting stanceand we'll work on that today.

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Old NFO said...

Best laid plans... sigh