Tuesday, June 28, 2022


 This is what happens when we have unrestricted illegal migration, and the Border Patrol is not allowed to patrol sectors.  From PJ Media:

HORROR: At Least 46 Migrants Dead in a Truck, Bodies Sprinkled with Steak Seasoning

I don't know what the steak seasoning has to do with it, but the migrants were found in an 18-wheeler outside San Antonio, TX.

 An abandoned 18-wheeler loaded with roughly 100 Illegal immigrants has been located near Lackland Air Force Base outside of San Antonio, Texas. Thus far, 46 of the migrants are dead and 16 have been hospitalized, four of whom are children. They were all said to be suffering from heat exhaustion and their bodies felt hot to the touch. Many were too weak to move. It wasn’t immediately clear as to what happened to the others, although the truck door was open.

This is Joe Biden's fault.  His pick for DHS Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas is a complete disaster.  He should be fired, then indicted for failing to enforce the immigration law.

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