Saturday, June 18, 2022


 Full summer is upon us.  80F by 8:00.  Humidity is a mild 75%.  It's like working in a sauna.

It's Saturday, and the sound of lawn equipment echoes through the neighborhood.  I've been spraying herbicide, a toxic mixture of chemicals that probably are not good for a dog, but they are decidedly lethal on vegetation, which is the whole point.

We have to get it done early, because later today it will be simply too hot for strong exertion.  I'm indoors, taking a break right now, and I'll get back out there for another hour and finish spraying that toxic cloud.  Then, a shower, clean jeans, and blissful AC for the rest of the day.  We'll see if Belle wants to go get some lunch, and get some groceries for the cooking we do on Sunday.

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and I'm not excited about it.  My kids show me that they love me all the time, and I consider Father's Day just another Hallmark holiday.  

So, to all you Dad's out there, keep doing what you do and don't worry about it if your kids are wrapped up in their own families on Father's Day.  We raised them to be independent, productive citizens.  If they are doing that, you did your job.  Kick back and enjoy a peaceful Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

mowed mine friday afternoon after getting off early...that's tx weather for you...i will say, at least in the dfw area, the mornings have been nasty humid (like normal summer) but by afternoon, the humidity has been dropping and we are getting true temps, actually feels cooler in the shade...not normal for tx...must be all this stupid climate change crap...ha