Monday, October 11, 2021

The Airlines

 The airlines have been all over the news today, especially Southwest Airlines, which seems to be leading the pack.  Airline companies are huge, complex companies that deal in routing theory, or as we called them in business school, transportation models.  If an airplane leaves from A ad goes to B, then back to A, it needs to make money both ways.  If a pilot doesn't sow up, or if maintenance problems crop up, then eventually you won't have assets i place where you need them when you need them.

It seems that crews are in turmoil over the vaccine mandate, and they're making their turmoil known.  I'm hearing that the FAA controllers are in turmoil as well.  You don't move aircraft without pilots, crews, and controllers.  Some people are saying that it is about freedom.

One pilot put out a video, and I'll try to link it here.

There seems to be a lot of John Galt in the industry, and it's making its weight be felt.  You don't hire pilots, or mechanics, or crews in one day.  Or truck drivers, or nurses, or lots of people who are very important to the economy.  Perhaps personal freedom is starting to assert itself.


Old NFO said...

SW pilots, JAX CTR, and others are taking their sick time and vacation before they get fired...

Jonathan H said...

I've read that there are lots of ways for unhappy airline employees to cost the company money.
Pilots are the clearest examples: long walk downs, "downing" a plane for minor problems, braking hard on landing to wear tires faster, are a few examples.

Drew458 said...

Payback is a bitch, ain't it? And death is the price of deliberate stupid.

The relationship of faith between workers and employers has been dead for 40 years. Everyone with a job is a disposable asset, and the bosses let you know it every day.

During the lockdown, nobody was flying anywhere. Airliners are flying Petri dishes even in regular times. 100 times worse with the Covid. So the airlines got rid of a huge part of their people. Early retirement packages, layoffs etc. Then when that nonsense went away, people started flying again, and the headaches began, as their experienced people were now doing other jobs, and the kids today don't want to even show up, much less work. Now throw in the mandates, and you're flushing the toilet for a second time.

A very similar thing happened with the hospitals. All those Essential Workers, those heroic Front Line Care workers ... the moment cases fell, hospitals canned them by the thousands. Know why hospitals are overwrought with this Delta thing? It's because they cut back 30% this past Spring. Now throw in the mandates there too. All the people who got dumped months ago got other jobs. All the ones getting the no-vax boot won't go to any other healthcare job either.

The trucker/shipping container issue is pretty similar.

The repercussions from the purposefully asinine response to the WuFlu will be with us for years ... which is EXACTLY what our One World elites want. Hope you have lots of food, meds, and ammo stashed away.