Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Fauci's Credibility

 It seems that Dr. Anthony Fauci is suffering a well-deserved loss of credibility.  I say well deserved, because his messaging is inconsistent, and it it has become plainly obvious to everyone with a brain that he preens for the camera and seeks out limelight.  Instapundit links to an article:

COVID-19 czar Dr. Anthony Fauci’s credibility is down to an all-time low after he raised doubts about families gathering for Christmas.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 54% of likely voters agreed that he has lost “all credibility.”

As a civil servant, Dr. Fauci has a requirement to account for his time.  He is not an elected official and works for the people.  While one might argue that when he is being a talking head on CNN, he is performing his job to educate the public, it is hard to argue that participating in a documentary for Disney is part of his job.   If anyone believes that he participated in the production during those hours when he is not required to be at work, then we do live in a dream world.

I would argue that a civil servant who is responsible for the government's response to a pandemic during a surge of that pandemic does not have time to make a documentary edifying himself.  Were I his supervisor, I would want to see leave records during each and every time he consulted with Disney during the production of that ego-trip.  He is still a civil servant, and work rules apply.

All that aside, he has caused irreparable damage to the profession of public health.  When I quit listening to Fauci, I also quit listening to those who parrot his prescriptions.  Those thousands of dedicated public health officials are now considered reliable.  If they parrot Fauci, they live in the same cage he inhabits.  That is a shame.  I suspect that some of them may be good people, just unwilling of unable to think for themselves.


bogsidebunny said...

We got 2 types of politicians and Bureaucrats currently in Washington D.C. Socialists & Cowards.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah. Still a gibbering idiot on COVID I see. How about shutting up and focusing on your garbage food and play-shooting?

My last turd has more credibility than you.

Jonathan H said...

Why do you bother reading and commenting if you disparage PawPaw so much?

Judy said...

"If they parrot Fauci, they live in the same cage he inhabits. That is a shame. I suspect that some of them may be good people, just unwilling of unable to think for themselves."

Or, they are protecting their jobs and retirement. I, always take into account, where and who, is providing the income when listening to someone's 'official' opinion.

Jonathan H - I figure Anon's sour grapes is because PawPaw probably wrote him a ticket at one point or the other and hasn't gotten over it yet.