Monday, October 11, 2021

ATC Walkout?

 I'm seeing news reports of hundreds of flights cancelled or delayed over the weekend because of "staff shortages" and bad weather.  Reports are starting to trickle out that the "staff shortages" might be related to Biden's vax mandate.

Passengers flying to and from Jacksonville International Airport during the weekend faced flight cancellations and delays amid widely circulating rumors on social media of a sickout or a walkout of air traffic controllers at the Traffic Control Center in Hillard.

The Federal Aviation Administration denied the rumors — sort of — in a Sunday afternoon statement.

Instapundit has information that the ATC personnel either walked out, or had a sickout. 

When your air traffic controllers walk off, there is a staff shortage, no doubt about that.

PJMedia says that the issue might not be air traffic controllers, but Southwest pilots.

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