Thursday, October 28, 2021

Louisiana Constitutional Amendments

 Louisiana voters have three (3) constitutional amendments on the ballot in Novembers.  All three deal with tax reform.  The Public Affairs Research Council has put together an enalysis of the proposed amendments.  They normally do a pretty good job of giving a non-partisan overview of that each amendment will do.

I'm linking it here so that I can find it later.

Our governor is on-board with each of these amendments, which tells me that they are probably a bad idea.  These amendments are being hailed as a "good first step" to getting more accountability and a stable revenue platform so that the Louisiana government can better plan from year to year.

I'm probably just going to vote NO on everything.

Let's Go, Brandon!

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Judy said...

The biggest constitutional amendment at any governmental level is a balanced budget. When the money is gone the party is over, everybody goes home or without.