Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Early Migration

 We're supposed to get a cool front through this weekend, sometime Friday, but one harbinger of cooler weather is geese, and we have them.

The geese arrived early this year.  We normally have a half-dozen in the home gaggle, but there are at least 20 in this photo, taken ten minutes ago in my front yard.  I used to spend lots of money, time and effort hunting these things, and I don't begrudge my youthful enthusiasm, but nowadays if I want a goose, all I need is a quiet moment, a good .22 rile, and I can get one out of the yard.  

It's not technically legal (in fact, it's technically illegal), but I would claim age, senility, and protection of property.  Plus, I don't think that the game wardens would even slow down to investigate.  These thigs are like winged rats around here in the winter.  


Steve said...

Might be a good choice; once you find out about the turkey shortage this Thanksgiving......

Judy said...

A trail of corn up the back steps and into the kitchen...or at least, that is how a co-worker describes how her mama feed them chicken one time when the cupboard was more or less bare.