Sunday, October 17, 2021

Haiti Outlaws

 I just saw a report that a Haitian gang has kidnapped 17 Americans, including children, who were in the country building an orphanage.

I am outraged.

If we had a president who was not cognitively  challenged, something might be done about it, but I hold no great anticipation in that regard.

If I were running the show, I'd have a division going "wheels-up" within 24 hours.  They could stage out of Guantanamo.  I'm thinking 101, or maybe the 10th.  Or both.

But this president?  Haaah, ain't gonna happen.  He's doing the best he can to emulate, and under perform in the manner of Jimmah Carter.


robehr orinsky said...

Ah ! Yes ! The Great Malaise ! I remember it well . Politics had the stench of death and failure back then too . Much like the current feral regime .

pjk said...

I used to go to Haiti once a year for a mission project. One year we met with someone who had been previously employed at the US embassy there - she told us that kidnappings for ransom revenue were quite common in the cities. I always thought that it was odd that there was so little public knowledge of that over here.

Jonathan H said...

Kidnapping for profit is widespread through the central and south America.. unfortunately I'm not surprised.
The group's leaders and Haitian contacts should have made plans to avoid it among other problems...
I've been on mission trips where we had to sign agreeing that the mission agency would not pay any ransom and would not negotiate with kidnappers or terrorists for us.