Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Tree Climbing

 A good friend of mine was out fishing, and saw something that made his get out his camera.  An American flag in the top of a tall pine tree.

That is a tall pine tree, and that American flag ain't no accident.  Someone did that on purpose.  So, he put the picture on Facebook, and sure enough, someone knew who did it.  He's a guy with the knowledge, equipment, stamina, and expertise to do such a ting.  That's just cool.


Glypto Dropem said...

Good luck burning that one.

Old NFO said...

Hehehe, that one isn't going to be taken down anytime soon!

Jonathan H said...


Jonathan H said...

Reminds me of a story from a Cuban prison in the 80s.
A prisoner managed to hang the old Cuban flag way up on top of the prison. He spent a long time in solitary, but it was there for years because the guards couldn't get up there to take it down!